About US

MeterBoxesUK is a UK supplier of Electric and Gas meter boxes, GRP Cabinets and GRP Electric Enclosures which are of high quality and extreme durability. Our great team of specialists with many years of experience have created unprecedented meter boxes that meet all the quality requirements and expectations of our customers and suppliers. Our products protect all equipment against all weather conditions, vandalism and damage, as well as against electric shock or gas leakage. Our specially designed hinge system and the five or six-point door locking system protects them against accidental or deliberate opening by unauthorized persons.
Thanks to the controlled production of the highest quality, we have the safest and most reliable meter boxes in the UK. Always available in stock, our gas and electric meter boxes, GRP cabinets have become firm favourites with industries such as gas and electrical services, construction, petro-chemical as well as water services.

The MeterBoxesUK wide range of dimensions is the largest in the UK and also best suited to the needs of the entire power industry and is widely available through online stores, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.
The priorities of MeterBoxesUK are always the highest quality, best price and next day delivery.